• Hold You Down
Nice hype r&b track with a Ne-Yo type singer named Emanny featured. Kiss just lays down his dedication to his fans on this one, which is real. If you see Jadakiss out, he’s going to give love 9 out of 10 times. This is definitely a shorties track. I can picture LL Cool J on the remix.

• Lil Bruh
Jadakiss rips over the N.E.R.D.- God Bless Us All beat. Kiss pushes his fans to break thru anything that’s  holding you down. Could of been called “Push Lil Bruh”, very inspiring look. Like the original this track is the truth. Shoutout all the little brothers.

• How 2 Feel
Kiss rips this Christopher Williams  track(I think). Jada tries to get into your girls head on this one. Track reminds me of waiting for your girl to get ready to go eat or something. While you wait your doing what you feel. Remember patience is a key to the game and that is fact. Shoutout kids who recently when to the prom.

• Rock Wit Me
Jada coming for the 18 and up on this track. Youngin moving in the club should vibe on this. Its a Friday only track if your not ballin ‘. Track also features a very sexy Teyana Taylor on the hook. Google her, she’s very talented. Beat bangs on the voice stretch ish. If your feeling right your going to enjoy this one.

• 2 The Streets
This is another classic sample track, like “How 2 Feel” very laid back. This tracks make you think “if your still in the streets get out or enjoy it.” Love the hook, very classical. Kiss has a duty to the urban community like D-Block in general. The internet doesn’t matter to those who can’t read. This is definitely a hot line track.  Shoutout KD

• Lay Em Down
Classic Kay Slay mixtape Drama King beat. Kiss enlist Chyrk Show on the hook and Styles P on the back n forth. Very few duos can go back n forth with another as good as 2/3rd of the Lox. SP and Kiss speak on the ins and outs of life on the streets. Is very cinematic. This track makes you feel, like what track were they really rapping too? Honest question.

• Toast Intro

• Toast to That
Remake of “All For The Love” classic track off Money, Power, and Respect album by the LOX. Track features new rapper Fred The Godson on the verse, hook and some back n forth. Fred goes hard with one liners with a laid back flow. Jadakiss comes after tearing the beat up with his vocals. Its like ripping up the newspaper, coupons season ahha. Respect to J to the mauh. Life isn’t Rosie but we gotta love it. Cheers!

• Inkredible Remix
Rick Ross the Bawse starts it off over a very hard beat Lex Lugar style beat. It makes you feel like your so high your flying. Trae da ABN comes in next relaxed based off its his song. The ABN is cold as a polar bear toes on this one. Jadakiss comes after spitting gems of game, like you don’t want it. Reminds me of Knocking Heads with Lil Jon. Shoutout to Texas and Florida!

• Gone Too Long
Kiss lets you know this is a prison song off top. Not sure who’s singing the hook, sounds like Latoya Luckette. This track covers pain, the definition of African American music. More blacks in prison now than there we black slaves in America. No time machines yet. The beat comes off so laid back and smooth.  Ghostface missed this one, his story would of capped the tape for sure.

My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Jadakiss made it clear he has a bit of love for all of his fans and some for his haters. 

Here’s the link, enjoy.